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Aligning Company/Project Vision and Values

Our Care Factor Programs ensure that EPCMs, Clients and Contractors safety vision and values are on the same page


Building a Culture of Intervention

Our Care Factor Programs help leaders to create a culture of Psychological Safety and Care


Overcoming Complacency

Understand the limitations of the human brain, how these limitations can compromise safety performance and what we can do about it


Welcome to GYST Consulting's acclaimed Care Factor Program

Our approach is proudly and exclusively evidence-based best practice. We apply the latest research in Social, Organisational and Positive Psychology to help our clients create Psychological Safety and a culture where well-being, safe operations, accountability and active care can thrive.

The Care Factor Program is structured in six discreet modules, so our clients get everything they need, and nothing they don’t. The modular approach also permits greater flexibility in delivery to fit around shift and roster patterns. Some clients prefer one short module per week (or month), whereas others experience the six modules over two consecutive days.

All Care Factor modules have bespoke capability, and take into account our clients’ existing vision, values, systems, processes and unique goals.

The Care Factor Program has a comprehensive embedding aspect, with all materials and post-workshop coaching designed to build momentum and ensure the learnings and key concepts are well integrated into our clients’ day-to-day operations.

We invite you to browse through our site, learn more about the Care Factor Modules and hear what our clients say about their experiences with the Care Factor Program.


“Over the last 8 months I have participated in the Care Factor program, it is by far the best safety leadership training I have ever attended. I highly recommend this program to any company seeking to bring about authentic change within their safety culture”.

Alistair Hardie | HS Advisor - Projects
Tasmanian Ports Corporation

"BMD have utilised the Care Factor sessions across the business...I thoroughly recommend the Care Factor as an essential tool to establishing a positive Safety Culture, working towards a High Trust - Low Fear culture.”

Bryan Fuller | Safety Manager
BMD Constructions

“The Care Factor Program has had a significant impact on my life, both at work and personally.  The program has definitely created more responsibility and accountability for safety at all levels of our organisation”

Sarah Gillespie | HS&E Advisor
Tasmanian Ports Corporation

Always a most rewarding program. We are proud to work with Care Factor Program, building safety leadership across MCD

Executive General Manager HSEQ
McConnell Dowell

I was in the care factor training today (12/9/2019) at Bitumill. I just wanted to let you know that it was the best course I have been to. I've spent many years in the industry using a positive approach to leading, and for life in general, and it works. Unfortunately I have seen too many others doing the opposite. Yòur course really reinforced my way of thinking. The mind is a powerful lump of meat. Thanks again.

Daniel Cogley | Site Manager 

I haven't been able to stop talking about this course since it finished. I sat engaged the entire 2 days. I have also recommended this training to my colleagues at my previous workplace, as I know they would all benefit from it. I cannot recommend the Care Factor training enough.

Nik Pearsall | Human Factors Advisor 

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