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published on July 20, 2017

Testimonial - Adam Mroz GM HSEQ, Condor Energy Services Ltd

published on July 20, 2017

Testimonial - Tim D'Ath Head of Safety, Melbourne Airport

I haven't been able to stop talking about this course since it finished. I sat engaged the entire 2 days. I have also recommended this training to my colleagues at my previous workplace, as I know they would all benefit from it. I cannot recommend the Care Factor training enough.

Nik Pearsall | Human Factors Advisor 

I was in the care factor training today (12/9/2019) at Bitumill. I just wanted to let you know that it was the best course I have been to. I've spent many years in the industry using a positive approach to leading, and for life in general, and it works. Unfortunately I have seen too many others doing the opposite. Yòur course really reinforced my way of thinking. The mind is a powerful lump of meat. Thanks again.

Daniel Cogley | Site Manager 

Spot on Clive. At Melbourne Airport, we are a HRO and we don’t put any energy into the debate around Zero Harm. Our position is that injuries, few, none or many, are the byproduct of our safety culture. It’s such a strange logic to fixate on the absence of something (injury) as a demonstration of the presence of something else (safety). You taught me this years ago Clive Lloyd and now working within a HRO, I have had the opportunity to embed it. Thanks!

Tim D'Ath | Head of Safety 

“The GYST Care program made an unquestionable impact on my leadership abilities and positively impacted whole workforces, at all levels and differing cultures (including translated programs).  The Care Program generated a ‘tipping point’ in a workplace culture space with many demonstrated behaviours, such as; increased levels of trust, better safety by-in and workers looking to do the ‘right thing’. Clive and his team are some of the most honourable people I have met in my career .. which is something of a rarity in today’s dog eat dog world.”

Richard Luxton | Safety Manager (retired) 

“Over the last 8 months I have participated in the Care Factor program, it is by far the best safety leadership training I have ever attended. By explaining the way my own brain works it has enabled me to understand more clearly the underlying reasons why people in the workplace react the way they do to their working environment and the safety requirements placed on them in this modern world. The conscious leadership modules, especially authentic leadership have been a great help in allowing me to both connect with my clients and bring about understanding and change in a sometimes challenging workplace. I have benefited greatly in my working as well as home life, this program is a breath of fresh air in the world of safety and leadership and I believe should be a compulsory module taught in all Australian high schools and universities. I highly recommend this program to any company seeking to bring about authentic change within their safety culture”.

Alistair Hardie | HS Advisor - Projects

“I have been fortunate to be involved with Clive Lloyd and the GYST Care Factor Workshop sessions since 2014 and I personally found the sessions essential for the engagement of personnel to establish a practical understanding of Safety Psychology.

Also as a company, BMD have utilised the Care Factor sessions across the business to engage all levels of personnel and establish a greater understanding of Safety Psychology through the key information that is industry relevant whilst highlighting the importance of personal relationships / interactions from a practical sense.

Clive’s knowledge, experience and dedication are invaluable to gain a thorough understanding of the desired outcomes within the Care Factor Workshop sessions and establishing “Buy-in” from all stakeholders.

I thoroughly recommend the Care Factor as an essential tool to establishing a positive Safety Culture, working towards a High Trust Low Fear culture.”

Bryan Fuller | Safety Manager

"The participation of the entire team in the GYST Psychology of Safety Workshops and Engagement Sessions, which were made available to all contractors and subcontractors, showed how our brain and its normal processes lead to our unsafe behaviours. The understanding of why we do the things we do in an engaging active forum empowers us to identify the brains processes and enables us to choose to eliminate risky behaviours for ourselves, colleagues and families.  Social science aggregated over decades applied to Safety, made easily accessible and professionally delivered by people who walk the talk.

Thank you for your time and effort assisting us on our project."

Emmanuel Sartitsis | Terminal Infrastructure Manager

Clive's approach to developing and positively influencing leaders is both reflective and refreshing. He provides practical take aways for participants to assist them in managing their teams in what at times can be a pressured hostile environment. He puts concepts in a way that they are relevant to the "day to day" world of a construction supervisor. Clive "gets it" in regards to what works at the coalface.

Rob | EHS Manager

“The Care Factor Program has had a significant impact on my life, both at work and personally.  The program has definitely created more responsibility and accountability for safety at all levels of our organisation”

Sarah Gillespie | HS&E Advisor

"This program shows how to lead from the front and it all starts with trust. I am using what I have learnt not only at work but in my home life. I will be working more positively in regards to safety with my crew"

Shaun l Relief Supervisor

"Having the knowledge of how people behave helps me to make better decisions on how to react to situations and how trust is crucial"

Alan l Blast Crew

"The Care Factor Program has helped me to work towards my personal resilience and also strive to be more encouraging to people around me at all times"

Jesse l Prestrip Operator 

"The Care Factor Program has enabled me to be conscious of taking responsibility and understanding the how/what/why my thinking is built on. Also, that to change culture, I must empower others by asking questions and not being afraid to intervene"

Cane l Mining Engineer 

"This workshop has reinforced to me that trust is the key to creating a positive attitude amongst my team. I have become more aware/conscious of my conversations with team members and getting more valuable engagement with each of them. I now use positive reinforcements (attributions) around the offices that foster good relations, responses and productivity" 

Anna l Office Manager/Supervisor 

"The Care Factor Program has shown me new ways to think about how I ask questions to / and reinforce the behaviours of my team and family - it has provided me with new tools and ideas to use"

Simon l Superintendent 

"This program has helped me to view things in a different way, to take control of my own thinking and to be more resilient in the face of changes and difficulties"

Jamie l Rigger

"This Care Factor course is very well structured and very well presented. I feel as though I have walked away from this with the knowldege to help me at work as well as my life outside of work"

Shane l Mechanic

Clive offers meaningful and relevant solutions to a range of safety and organisational issues. His knowledge and training backed up with extensive research and Industry experience are world class. Having known Clive for the past three years I have come to understand that he enters relationships with his clients from a place of deep respect and compassion and that he quickly gets to the heart of the real issues. He is easily able to engage individuals at all levels of the organisation and help them make sense of these issues in a way that is relevant to their particular role. Whether it's delivering passionate and engaging workshops or facilitating deep change within the organisation or individuals, Clive operates from a place of personal integrity and care for his clients. It is my pleasure in recommending him to anyone who is seeking transformational change within their organisation.

Sharon Hamer | Health & Safety Manager

"Clive's understanding of the psychology of leadership, the psychology of safety and how safe and informed cultures develop has assisted many large multi site organisations to realise quantum shifts in their safety performance and safety culture.

Clive's ability to connect from the board room to the shop floor has seen him exert positive and lasting influence over those people and organisations he has worked within.

His commitment to effective leadership is evidenced through his modelling and living the type of leadership behaviours that he spends much of his professional time assisting others to learn"

Lincoln Eldridge I Managing Director

“Working with Clive was a rewarding experience that not only enabled me to develop my skills and professional efficacy, but also afforded me the opportunity to grow and enrich myself personally. Clive is an inspirational leader with the ability to foster cohesion, loyalty and authenticity from any team or workgroup”

Bryan Mcartney I Managing Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Clive since 2009 and continue to value his guidance, coaching, challenge and the professional excellence he brings to all aspect of the ways in which he supports every Client he works with.

A strongly values-based person, Clive epitomises the behaviours Clients often wish to see consistently delivered within their own organisations. This coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the psychology of safety and care and how to influence these for the benefit of all parties, means that he is able to influence significant levels of important change for individual clients and their organisations. 

His integrity is unquestionable and his professionalism and competence are an example to all”

Nick Fitzpatrick I HSE Team

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Clive during my time at Sentis. The authentic, practical yet people focused caring approach that he brought to everything he did was exceptionally refreshing. His ability to cut through to the key issues, build effective relationships with anyone that he met, all combined with a wonderful sense of humour - contributed to Clive always making a significant contribution and difference to others.”

Gene Moyle I Performance Psychology Professional / Associate Professor

“Empathy, intelligence and authenticity are some of the few characteristics that make up Clive's leadership ethos. Whilst working with Clive, I was privy to his selflessness and strong moral compass. The ability to unearth the unspoken aspects of a work culture which could fester into an environment of toxicity is what distinguishes Clive from other leaders I have encountered and worked under.

If an organisation is looking to strengthen their safety culture, tweak their performance or enhance their overall effectiveness, Clive has the clout and natural aptitude to ensure this occurs”

Luke Daniel I Safety Specialist/Registered Psychologist

“Clive is a highly motivated and dynamic trainer. He has a deep understanding of his subject and delivers a very powerful message in an incredibly short space of time. This is probably the best training session I have ever attended and I would highly recommend Clive”

Lyn Fernie I Business Manager

“Hi Clive ...... just a quick note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day session with you last week.

The majority of the content was related to things that we all know, or should know and practice.  The reality, however, is that despite this we tend, occasionally, to tread a path that either blissfully ignores the potential impact of a 'wheel coming off' or is based on a (often loosely) calculated risk of it happening. 

I imagine that as a facilitator you frequently play in this type of sandpit, where your audience is familiar with the topic, and the 'ho hum' hurdle that has to be overcome as a result.  Your skill at doing this is apparent as you made not only me but the group as a whole, really stop and think about our priorities and actions. In addition, you achieved this in an easy and effective manner that encouraged open reception. 

While I like to think that I have a good handle on things and conduct myself in an appropriate manner in all situations  I, personally, have come away from your session with a determination to re-evaluate my approach, not only to safety but to other areas of my life; and to re-assess & validate my beliefs and, across the board, better align my behaviour  to them. 

Thank you for the 2 days - enjoying them is one thing: having positive take-aways is another.”

Tony Knox I Manager - Business Improvement


“This workshop very cleverly explains human nature and how it affects safety. I believe this course has completely changed my outlook on safety, as ultimately safety is your own responsibility. It has changed the way I manage myself in pressure situations and stopped me getting upset with things I cannot control. The course was excellent...”


"Clive is a highly motivated and dynamic trainer. He has a deep understanding of his subject and delivers a very powerful message in an incredibly short space of time. This is probably the best training session I have ever attended and I would highly recommend Clive and GYST Consulting."

Business Manager

"The Care Factor Program has enabled me to be conscious of taking responsibility and understanding the how/what/why my thinking is built on. Also, that to change culture, I must empower others by asking questions and not being afraid to intervene"

Mining Engineer  

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