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How Cognitive Biases affect decision-making (and what we can do about it)

We can tend to think our planning and decision-making activities are conscious acts, involving deep thinking and analysis.  While this is true some of the time, a great deal of our thinking takes place at an unconscious level.  Being aware of this tendency to operate on autopilot, as well as understanding what we can do about our brain’s tendency to switch to unconscious processing is essential to objective decision-making.


Care Factor in the 'Pipeline' See DIONA feature in the Australian Pipeliner Magazine

See DIONA feature in the Australian Pipeliner Magazine


What can we learn from the aviation industry about speaking up?

A leading researcher in “non-technical skills”, professor Rhona Flin succinctly explains why we need to learn from the aviation industry’s “Crew Resource Management” training which makes it more likely people will speak up when hazards become evident and the need to deal with the “authority gradient”.  CLICK TO VIEW



Australia's Best Selling Health & Safety Book: Check out the reviews

Clive Lloyd's recently released book, "Next Generation Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Care" is now available as a hardback or e-book directly from the publishers, Amazon or your favourite online bookseller. A brief synopsis, as well as some early reviews are included here.


The New View - Article by Clive Lloyd for the Safety Differently Website 

Article by Clive Lloyd for the Safety Differently Website 



“This workshop very cleverly explains human nature and how it affects safety. I believe this course has completely changed my outlook on safety, as ultimately safety is your own responsibility. It has changed the way I manage myself in pressure situations and stopped me getting upset with things I cannot control. The course was excellent...”


"Clive is a highly motivated and dynamic trainer. He has a deep understanding of his subject and delivers a very powerful message in an incredibly short space of time. This is probably the best training session I have ever attended and I would highly recommend Clive and GYST Consulting."

Business Manager

"The Care Factor Program has enabled me to be conscious of taking responsibility and understanding the how/what/why my thinking is built on. Also, that to change culture, I must empower others by asking questions and not being afraid to intervene"

Mining Engineer  

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